Parkside Therapy

Game Ready Therapy


The Game Ready System uses cold and active compression therapies to treat post-surgical and acute musculoskeletal injuries to reduce swelling, pain and muscle spasms, and to accelerate the body’s natural repair processes for faster return to physical function and reduced reliance on pain medication.

Breakthrough Technology

Comprised of a powerful, portable control unit and complete range of ergonomic, dual-action wraps the revolutionary Game Ready System brings proven therapies together like never before.

• Temperature, pressure and time status indicators provide clear information, making it easier to monitor and manage synergistic compression and cold treatments with simple buttons and dials
• Adjustable set-point temperature control provides consistent temperature across the wrap and throughout treatment, improving patient comfort and safety
• Pre-set programs promote patient compliance and reduce the risk of injury by automating alternating treatment and “rest” times


Game Ready Specific Clinical Evidence and Clinical Benefits

1. Reduces patient narcotic consumption
2. Allows earlier discontinuation of narcotic pain medication
3. Improves key, measurable physical therapy milestones
4. Increases patient satisfaction with the recovery process
5. Reduces the likelihood for blood transfusion
6. Shortens hospital admission time
7. Provides less wound discharge
8. Reduces risk of infection
9. Decreases pain
10. Decreases swelling

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